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Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy (AMPT)

Course :Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy (AMPT)
Course Name :Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy
Course Duration :1 Month
Course Type :Online or Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

Are you seeking for Kerala Authentic Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy ? Here is your answer. The most renown and reputed Ayurveda academy in Kerala present you before the Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy course . This is one of the top rated Ayurveda school in Kerala with experienced faculties to teach you the traditional massage and natural way of healing. Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy course is for those who want to know the natural healing system which helps themselves and others to correct their daily regimen and acts as a mentor for their healthy life , prevents diseases, maintain health and cure diseases.

That is why our doctors team works on such a marvelous way to mould the students to explore the Ayurveda medical system and thus building a healthy life and a better career. This course speaks in simple and easy way that a student can understand very easily.

Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy course is a short term Ayurveda course of duration 1 month, which teaches Ayurveda therapies in three session. First introductory session will be dealing with Ayurveda origin, aim,branches of ayurveda and principles in Ayurveda. Why these principles are important ?

1 st session –
Panchamahabhutas : – 5 elements which helps in development and origin of body.

Tridoshas :- These are the fundamental forces which helps in body for its function.

Sapta dhatus :– These are the tissue elements in body such as Rasa (lymph,fluidpart), rakta(blood), mamsa(muscle), meda(fat), asthi(bones) , majja(bone marrow) and sukra(reproductive sector).

Agni and Koshta :– The digestive fire & types of alimentary tract , this really helps to know our
problems related to digestion, body system and dose of medication to be administrated by analyzing hunger and stool.

Deha prakriti (Body type) :- How to recognize the body type of a person and how to treat them
with apt ayurvedic treatments.

2nd Session-
Kerala Ayurveda Traditional Massages and Therapies: It comprises of Body massage(Abhyanga),Bolus bag massages(panda sweda), Shiro dhara (pouring medicated milk/ oil/ buttermilk over forehead), local vasty(local vata treatments for cervical, lower back, knees), eye treatment, eartreatment, face & head massages and so on. Classes regarding Ayurveda oils and equipments used for these therapies are also covered up in this session.

3rd session –
Panchakarma : 5 detoxification therapies in Kerala Ayurveda. Details explanation, theory and practicals are included.

Nadi Pareeksha – Pulse examination in Ayurveda way and diagnosis of diseases.

Marma chikithsa – Knowledge regarding

All together completes the Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Course. This is particularly a career oriented course which is now did by many centers inside and outside India. Build your career as a qualified therapist or ayurveda therapy consultant . We welcome you to explore our tradition and culture too.

Study Natural system of healing of India – Ayurveda. Go through the roots. We offer you the best place to study Ayurveda Courses with good amenities and places to visit. Authorized School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma courses in North Kerala , closest to airport and easily approachable place with abundance of cultural, historical monuments and water resourvoires. Best Ayurveda short term courses at your finger tip. Join now!!!    https://www.lordsayurveda.com/course_reservation_form/

Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy (DAPT)

Course :Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy (DAPT)
Course Name :Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy
Course Duration :6 Month
Course Type :Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

Diploma In Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy is a detailed programme on Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy. The contents regarding ayurveda, principles, disease diagnosis, treatment, herbology, its collection,medicine preparations, and patient examination are well explained in this sector.

Diploma In Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy (DAPT)is 6 months program. 3 months onsite theory & practical and 3 months internship at your place. We conduct the diploma courses thrice yearly : February – April , June – August and October – December

The three-month onsite program goes like this:
First month will be the basics of Ayurveda, its principles, tridoshas, anatomy & physiology, deha prakriti(body type analysis), preparations of detoxification treatment- Panchakarma, then detailed panchakarma.

Practical :
Different types of Kerala Ayurveda massages, bolus bag massages, local joint treatments, head treatments, eye – ear treatments, panchakarma.

Second & Third month – Diseases , how diseases are manifested, immunity, daily regimen & seasonal regimen in detail, treatments, examination, case sheet making, blood test & its significance, kalari marma massage, toxicology, cauterization, alcoholism, smoking,epilepsy & insanity management, dental diseases & management and herbology .

Practical : Vital examination, systemic examination , medicine preparation, clinical visit, interaction with patients, drug collection, medicine preparation, small treatments, kalari marma massage, martial art form of kerala.

Diploma In ayurveda panchakarma therapy course gives you a deep information regarding Ayurveda, therapies , diseases and how you can manage with therapies, herbal knowledge and preparation of medicines . Hence you will be able to upgrade your therapeutic knowledge as well as healing power which can actually change the and improve the physical condition of a person internally & externally. Follow the science which uses only natural resources to heal illness and thus it becomes effective treatment for many people inside India and worldwide. Students choose the Ayurveda training courses to help themselves out and their fellow being to have a healthy life since the Ayurveda is chemical free because they use maximum what the nature can offers. This treats the root cause of a disease and takes it out of body not merely the symptoms.

Since this is a nature based science, there is high chance of medical tourism. You can be a true Wellness Coach.  Join Diploma In Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy course with us and we will make you as Holistic Wellness Coaches. For booking please go through the link: https://www.lordsayurveda.com/course_reservation_form/

Integrated Yoga Therapy (IYT)

Course : Integrated Yoga Therapy (IYT)
Course Name :Integrated Yoga Therapy
Course Duration :1 Month
Course Type :Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

Integrated Yoga Therapy (IYT) includes meditation and exercises which help you to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being. Practical sections as well as healing methods of naturopathy are collaborated with this session.

Yoga always brings the mind and body in equilibrium. Here comes the special sessions on yoga .

1) Yoga and Meditation :
This is a very basic course which point outs to Introduction to yoga, its benefits, 8 stages of yoga, yoga terapy, pranayama (breath control), diet to be followed and yogasanas (different postures to be followed).

2) Integrated Yoga therapy
This includes not only yogasanas but also exercises, meditation, meditation, relaxation techniques, some natural treatments – which comes under the naturopathy, yoga therapies for diseases and so on.

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 Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (ABT)

Course : Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (ABT)
Course Name : Ayurveda Beauty Therapy
Course Duration : 12 Days
Course Type : Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

To those who enjoy beauty, we introduce ayurvedic methods of skin, body, and hair care through face and hair treatments, body wrap treatments, hand-leg care, etc., massages and microneedling and making of cosmetics like face-hair mask, gel, serum, shampoo, soap, etc. Categorizing each person according to their body nature and selection of the treatment occurs.

Solutions for the natural skin- hair care – this faction deals on Ayurveda care for skin, hair,body, hand & foot, oral cavity and sense organs. People are wandering for a permanent and better solution for beauty. This Ayurveda Research Center brings a complete coverage for beauty therapy. The best studies in cosmetology available in Kerala and India in a short span of time.

Chemical intervention on cosmetic products gives you the instant result and permanent damage for your skin, so our recognized Ayuveda school in Kerala aims at promoting and teaching Ayurveda mode of beauty care along with the advanced technologies. Combining the new machineries and technologies with Ayurvedic products for application gives you the best result .

Topics discussed :-
Ayurveda Skin care – Anatomy of skin , problems related with skin , general care for face and body skin, remedies for problems, management of skin issues, galvanic facial, high frequency facial , peel off, micro needling for pigmentation and Ayurvedic facial cosmetic product preparation.

Ayurveda Hair care – Anatomy of hair, general hair problems and their management and preparation of ayurvedic shampoo, conditioner, mask, protein care so on.

Ayurvedic body care – General body care, diet management, obesity treatment, slimming techniques, exfoliating treatment, massage and body wrap in banana leaf.

Ayurveda Oral cavity care: Tooth- gum care, general tooth problems, cavities, pain, discoloration, and their solutions, preparation of mouth wash, tooth powder and products for oral care.

Ayurveda Sense organs care – General diseases for eyes,ears,nose,tongue,skin and their treatment care which prevents even cataract, muscular-nervous problem,tinnitus,vertigo,balance issues and so on.

Pedicure and Manicure – Hand and foot care with massage, scrub , mask application – pedicure and
manicure care with ayurveda products.

Ayurveda Cosmetics preparation – Customized skin care products, hair care products , skin and hair serum,gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair remover, natural eye collyrium etc..

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Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management (ANDM)

Course :Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management (ANDM)
Course Name :Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management
Course Duration :6 Days
Course Type :Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

Food is considered as a medicine. If you take it in a proper way , you don’t want any medication further, body system can themselves heal the diseases. This course is all about Ayurveda regimen that you should follow and during your daily life, seasonal time and even at night. The complete guidance regarding routine, diet management as per common diseases , information regarding incompatible food, poisoned food and home remedies for general ailments so on.

Before learning these things one have to know each varieties of food items like cereals, grains, milk, meat, fish, pulses, honey etc. While going through these items, you will accure the knowledge regarding the properties and actions of food items. Thus you can make diet plans for particular body type of a person or disease conditions.

How to control our body and mind through food and regimen is discussed here. And most importantly the consumption of water – time, quantity, type of drink for several varieties of food and then ayurvedic purification of water.

Do you have any idea about how much quantity should we eat and at what time should be the breakfast , lunch and dinner? These topics are well elaborated in this Kerala Ayurveda Nutrition course, which is the ideal course for a person who is wandering for a healthy dietand food regimen.

Several recipes preparation depending on disease condition, season and body type. Rules of having such ideal diet, things which are edible in daily life and those can not be used in daily life. We ensure you the proper correction of the wrong diet which you may following unknowingly .

Main attractions are the weight loss program, weight gaining program, and some products that you can develop with herbs for immunity, protein development and some supplementary recipes. This 7 days program is so wonderful that you can add up with your main courses.

For Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management course booking, please go through the link https://www.lordsayurveda.com/course_reservation_form/ 

Ayurvedic Herbology and Medicine Preparation (AHMP)

Course : Ayurvedic Herbology and Medicine Preparation (AHMP)
Course Name :Ayurvedic Herbology and Medicine Preparation
Course Duration :3 Weeks
Course Type :Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

An evident breakthrough in Ayurveda. Knowledge on medicinal plays always remain as an asset to the Ayurveda career. Ayurveda delt with plenty of medicinal plants that are essential and non-essential. Though lakhs of herbs are described in Indian system of medicine, we have consized to a bunch of very important herbs.

Why we should learn these plants ?The knowledge regarding herbs and its uses can definitely helps in the administration of medications in a simple way. So one should learn the pharmacotherapeutic actions of dravya(herb), ie; their taste, qualities, potency, post digestive effect and actions. So that implementation of particular combination will be more peculiar in certain cases.

This herbology course deals with information regarding the herbs, its properties, usage and preparation of medicines. As a part of course we will have study tour to herbal garden and manufacturing centers where you can see the abundance of herbs. Additionally you have to collect specimens and preserve.
This is a three week course, including some basic massage techiniques and herbal classes.

Topics to be discussed :
1.Dose and time of medicine administration
2.Expiry dates
3.Storage of medicines
5.Details on Ayurvedic herbs
6.Purification of poisoned hers
7.Usage of metals like gold ,silver,brass etc and its purification.

Medicine preparationPractical sessions : Choorna(powder), herbal juice,decoction, fermented medication, lickables, medicated ghee and paste and some treatments like eye wash,netravasty, mouth cleansing, nasya(nasal medication), dhoopana (ayurveda smoking).

‘Nothing is non medicinal in the universe’ told by Acharyas. So dive into the pool of herbs and hold the sanctity of medicinal plants. 

For Ayurvedic Herbology and Medicine Preparation course booking, please go through the link.. https://www.lordsayurveda.com/course_reservation_form/

Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care (APMBC)

Course : Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care (APMBC)
Course Name :Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care
Course Duration :9 Days
Course Type :Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

Detailed studies ,medicines, pregnancy – maternity care , how to ease the labour without complications and pain, month wise pregnancy care , post delivery care for mother and baby, natural contraceptives, infertility problems for gents and ladies, general pregnancy diseases and new born care and solutions for new born disorders are well explained in this contest.

So this will really helps you to get a healthy offspring. If you are planning for a baby start the preparation 6 months prior. Your body has to be cleansed inside & outside, thus developing a fertile and good platform for the growth of the embryo. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy or non healthy.

Be you and be authentic. Be your favorite kind of women even after pregnancy. How to get rid of post partum difficulties like pain, stretch marks, itching, acidity etc. Nourish yourself and baby. Doubts regarding breast feeding , muscle sagging can all be prevented with on time care.

Topics related :

    • 1. Anatomy of reproductive system, physiology of the menstrual cycle.
    • 2. Infertility in male and female.
    • 3. Method of impregnantion, especially on special days of conception.
    • 4. Ayurvedic contraceptives.
    • 5. Signs of pregnancy.
    • 6. Pregnancy disease management.
    • 7. Labour.
    • 8. Post partum care – mother-baby.
    • 9. Breast milk—feeding
      10. New born and pediatric disorders remedies.
  • Practical : Pregnancy massage, yoga in pregnancy, baby massage, yoga for children,
    ayurvedic vaccination, food for pregnant and delivered ladies.

This 9-day program consists of authentic Ayurvedic care for pregnant ladies, mother and baby. The knowledge which passed down to generations are worth learning, that too which were the only system of medicine the people were following. Go back to the roots and get a healthy and brilliant baby.

For booking, please go through the link https://www.lordsayurveda.com/course_reservation_form/

Yoga & Meditation (YM)

Course :Yoga and Meditation (YM)
Course Name :Yoga and Meditation
Course Duration : 1 Month
Course Type :Online and Offline
Course Fee :Please contact US

Here includes meditation and exercises which help you to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being.

This is a very basic course which point outs to introduction to yoga, its benefits, 8 stages of yoga, yoga terapy, pranayama (breath control), diet to be followed and yogasanas (different postures to be followed).

For booking, please go through the link https://www.lordsayurveda.com/course_reservation_form/