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    Harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit:Where Ayurveda’s Wisdom Unfolds.

    If you are looking to increase your credentials, our Ayurveda training programmes help you immensely to establish yourself as a candidate with a deep understanding of Ayurveda therapies, Panchakarma and Yoga. We help you to accomplish a great schooling through our training programmes and educational courses on Ayurveda. We are providing you a better life with better opportunities and enlightening your wisdom through Ayurvedic Study Courses. A better tomorrow always belongs to those who prepare for it today.


    Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (ABT)

    To those who enjoy beauty, we introduce ayurvedic Courses  of skin, body, and hair care through face and hair treatments, body wrap treatments, hand-leg care, etc., massages and microneedling and making of cosmetics like face-hair mask, gel, serum, shampoo, soap, etc. Categorizing each person according to their body nature and selection of the treatment occurs. Solutions for the natural skin- hair care – this faction........ Read More

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    Ayurveda Beauty Therapy

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    An Ayurveda course typically provides comprehensive training in the theory and practice of Ayurvedic medicine. Students learn about the fundamental principles, philosophies, and practical applications of Ayurveda to promote health, prevent diseases, and provide holistic wellness solutions.

    Duration and Accreditation:
    The duration of Ayurveda courses can vary, with options ranging from short introductory workshops to comprehensive, multi-year programs. Lords Ayurveda Research Center offer accredited Ayurveda courses, and graduates may earn certification or diplomas, depending on the course's level and the institution's accreditation.

    Doctors & Professionals

    Lords Ayurveda Research Center presents before you a powerful Ayurvedic coverage to your life with strong background of renowned physician Chaathukutti Gurukkal and his great- grand daughter Dr.Nidhiya.P.V(BAMS).




    Associate Professor,
    Ayurveda Doctor ,
    ( Cosmetology Specialist )


    13 Yrs

    Email Address


    • Worked in different famous hospitals in Kerala,India for 3 yrs and Director of Ayurveda Research Center for past 8 years.
    • Treated various illness regarding cervical pain,urinary calculus, prostrate enlargement, infertility, lower back pain, sciatica, disc prolapse, muscular dystropy etc.
    • Managed infertility cases , pregnancy and post delivery care for mother & baby.
    • Conducted classes on health, diet, diabetes,blood pressure,children immunity & growth and various life style disorders for national & international students.And gave treatment for those who have illness.
    • Conducted Yoga classes and therapy for 10 yrs.
    • Had great achievement by preparing Ayurvedic medicines and got result for diseases like stress, anxiety, diabetes,cholestrol, thyroid,blood pressure, insomnia, obesity and alcoholism.
    • Specialised in thermal cauterization treatment which gives instant result for tennis elbow, back pain, removal of warts, corns , carpel tunnel syndrome etc and conducted several detoxification treatments for people from different part of the world.
    • Chief physician & Lecture at Lords Ayurveda research center .
    • Specialized in Ayurveda therapies , kalari marma chikithsa, Panchakarma treatments, beauty care, cosmetology & trichology for 10 yrs .
    • Did detoxification treatment in Ayurveda - Panchakarma for people from both inside and outside the country.
    • Did specialization in cosmetology and did several beauty treatments for ppigmentation, wrinkles, melasma, hair loss, greying etc conditions.

    Ayurveda: The Timeless Garden of Holistic Healing

    Imagine strolling through a lush garden where each plant, leaf, and flower is a remedy eager to embrace you. This sanctuary is Ayurveda, where nature and wisdom harmoniously intertwine. More than just an ayurveda course, Ayurveda embodies a philosophy, a lifestyle, and an art of well-being that underscores the delicate balance between body, mind, and spirit.
    At its core, Ayurveda resembles a venerable tree, its roots deeply embedded in ancient Indian traditions, drawing from life lessons that have persisted for over 5,000 years. Central to the teachings of Ayurveda courses in Kerala,India is the doctrine of the three vital energies, or doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Rooted in the interplay of the five elemental forces - ether, air, fire, water, and earth - these doshas are crucial to Ayurvedic diagnosis and ayurveda therapy course treatment. Everyone possesses a unique blend of these doshas, shaping their physical makeup, mental acuity, and emotional disposition.
    Yet, life's rhythm isn't always even. We all encounter days when we feel as withered as a plant under intense heat. Here, Ayurveda intervenes, akin to a caring gardener. It promotes holistic treatments spanning herbs, dietary adjustments, detoxification, meditation, yoga, and therapeutic practices that form the core of many ayurvedic diploma courses. Ayurveda's approach doesn't merely counteract ailments; it seeks their prevention, advocating for holistic health and equilibrium over reactionary care.
    As the world gravitates towards organic and natural healing, Ayurveda is witnessing a global revival, with many opting for certificate courses in ayurveda and even a diploma in ayurveda online. It isn't just a relic of bygone times; it's a versatile, ageless system that caters to the holistic well-being of all. Its timeless wisdom remains as pertinent today as it was eons ago. So, why not immerse yourself in this garden? Whether in search of a remedy or a tranquil interlude, Ayurveda stands eternal and nurturing, always ready to restore and align.

    Career Opportunities and Benefits in Ayurveda

    As the demand for holistic treatments surges globally, Ayurveda presents numerous job opportunities. From certified Ayurvedic practitioners and consultants to researchers and educators, the scope is vast. Ayurvedic resorts, wellness centers, and pharmaceuticals are continuously seeking skilled professionals who have pursued ayurveda courses in Kerala,India or elsewhere, showcasing the growing credibility and adoption of Ayurveda in mainstream wellness and therapeutic sectors.

    Benefits of building a career in Ayurveda include:

    • Growing Demand: With an increasing number of people seeking natural and holistic treatments, there's a rising demand for Ayurvedic practitioners globally.
    • Holistic Growth: It’s not just a profession but a lifestyle. Practitioners often report personal growth and wellbeing alongside their professional advancements.
    • Global Opportunities:With Ayurveda gaining traction internationally, professionals can find opportunities not just in India but around the world.
    • Making a Difference: Ayurvedic professionals have the profound satisfaction of bringing holistic change to individuals' lives, healing not just the body but the mind and soul.
    • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Skills in Ayurveda can lead to entrepreneurial opportunities, such as starting one's own clinic, wellness center, or product line.
    Yes, many of our Ayurvedic diploma courses are available in both online and offline formats. You can choose according to your preference.
    Yes, many of our Ayurveda therapy courses incorporate both theoretical and practical training, ensuring students get a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
    Yes, we offer courses like Integrated Yoga Therapy and Yoga & Meditation, which delve into meditation, exercises, and the holistic benefits of Yoga.
    Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to health and well-being, emphasizing the harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. With our courses, you not only enhance your credentials but also embark on a path to a fulfilling and enlightening career.
    With a profound understanding of Ayurveda therapies, Panchakarma, and Yoga, you'll be well-equipped to establish yourself in the field of Ayurveda. Our Ayurveda courses aim to offer both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making you a preferred choice for employers in the wellness industry.
    No, Ayurveda encompasses more than just herbal treatments. It includes nutrition, yoga, meditation, detoxification, massages, and lifestyle practices that together ensure holistic health.
    Prerequisites can vary depending on the course and the institution. Generally, a keen interest in holistic health and wellness is beneficial. Some advanced Ayurveda diploma courses may require foundational knowledge in Ayurveda or related disciplines.
    While it originated in India, Ayurveda is now recognized and practiced in many countries worldwide. As its benefits become more widely acknowledged, more institutions globally offer Ayurvedic training and treatments.
    While modern medicine often focuses on treating symptoms, Ayurveda emphasizes preventing illness and enhancing overall well-being. It believes in treating the root cause of an ailment, considering the individual's unique body constitution.