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    Ayurveda Beauty Therapy

    Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (ABT)

    Course : Ayurveda Beauty Therapy
    Course Name : Ayurveda Beauty Therapy (ABT)
    Course Duration : 1 Month
    New Session : 01 July 2024
    Course Type : Online and Offline

    To those who enjoy beauty, we introduce ayurvedic Courses  of skin, body, and hair care through face and hair treatments, body wrap treatments, hand-leg care, etc., massages and microneedling and making of cosmetics like face-hair mask, gel, serum, shampoo, soap, etc. Categorizing each person according to their body nature and selection of the treatment occurs.

    Solutions for the natural skin- hair care – this faction deals on Ayurveda care for skin, hair,body, hand & foot, oral cavity and sense organs. People are wandering for a permanent and better solution for beauty. This Ayurveda Research Center brings a complete coverage for beauty therapy. The best studies in cosmetology available in Kerala and India in a short span of time.

    Chemical intervention on cosmetic products gives you the instant result and permanent damage for your skin, so our recognized Ayuveda school in Kerala aims at promoting and teaching Ayurveda mode of beauty care along with the advanced technologies. Combining the new machineries and technologies with Ayurvedic products for application gives you the best result .

    Ayurveda Skin care – Anatomy of skin , problems related with skin , general care for face and body skin, remedies for problems, management of skin issues, galvanic facial, high frequency facial , peel off, micro needling for pigmentation and Ayurvedic facial cosmetic product preparation.
    Ayurveda Hair care – Anatomy of hair, general hair problems and their management and preparation of ayurvedic shampoo, conditioner, mask, protein care so on.
    Ayurvedic body care – General body care, diet management, obesity treatment, slimming techniques, exfoliating treatment, massage and body wrap in banana leaf.
    Ayurveda Oral cavity care: Tooth- gum care, general tooth problems, cavities, pain, discoloration, and their solutions, preparation of mouth wash, tooth powder and products for oral care.
    Ayurveda Sense organs care – General diseases for eyes,ears,nose,tongue,skin and their treatment care which prevents even cataract, muscular-nervous problem,tinnitus,vertigo,balance issues and so on.
    Pedicure and Manicure – Hand and foot care with massage, scrub , mask application – pedicure and
    manicure care with ayurveda products.
    Ayurveda Cosmetics preparation – Customized skin care products, hair care products , skin and hair serum,gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair remover, natural eye collyrium etc..
    Join now for the top cosmetology courses and management in Kerala. Better learning and Certified ayurveda courses at your finger tip.

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