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    Ayurveda Herbology & Medicine Preparation

    Ayurvedic Herbology and Medicine Preparation (AHMP)

    Course : Ayurveda Herbology & Medicine Preparation
    Course Name : Ayurvedic Herbology and Medicine Preparation (AHMP)
    Course Duration : 3 Weeks
    New Session : 01 July 2024
    Course Type : Online and Offline

    An evident breakthrough in Ayurveda. Knowledge on medicinal plays always remain as an asset to the Ayurveda career. Ayurveda delt with plenty of medicinal plants that are essential and non-essential. Though lakhs of herbs are described in Indian system of medicine, we have consized to a bunch of very important herbs.

    Why we should learn these plants ?The knowledge regarding herbs and its uses can definitely helps in the administration of medications in a simple way. So one should learn the pharmacotherapeutic actions of dravya(herb), ie; their taste, qualities, potency, post digestive effect and actions. So that implementation of particular combination will be more peculiar in certain cases. Learn Ayurveda Courses in kerala at online and offline

    This herbology course deals with information regarding the herbs, its properties, usage and preparation of medicines. As a part of course we will have study tour to herbal garden and manufacturing centers where you can see the abundance of herbs. Additionally you have to collect specimens and preserve. This is a three week course, including some basic massage techiniques and herbal classes.

    1.Dose and time of medicine administration
    2.Expiry dates
    3.Storage of medicines
    5.Details on Ayurvedic herbs
    6.Purification of poisoned herbs
    7.Usage of metals like gold ,silver,brass etc and its purification.

    Choorna(powder), herbal juice,decoction, fermented medication, lickables, medicated ghee and paste and some treatments like eye wash,netravasty, mouth cleansing, nasya(nasal medication), dhoopana (ayurveda smoking).
    ‘Nothing is non medicinal in the universe’ told by Acharyas. So dive into the pool of herbs and hold the sanctity of medicinal plants.

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