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    Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care

    Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care (APMBC)

    Course : Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care
    Course Name : Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Mother – Baby Care (APMBC)
    Course Duration : 9 Days
    New Session : 01 July 2024
    Course Type : Online and Offline

    Detailed studies ,medicines, pregnancy – maternity care , how to ease the labour without complications and pain, month wise pregnancy care , post delivery care for mother and baby, natural contraceptives, infertility problems for gents and ladies, general pregnancy diseases and new born care and solutions for new born disorders are well explained in this contest.

    So this will really helps you to get a healthy offspring. If you are planning for a baby start the preparation 6 months prior. Your body has to be cleansed inside & outside, thus developing a fertile and good platform for the growth of the embryo. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy or non healthy.

    Be you and be authentic. Be your favorite kind of women even after pregnancy. How to get rid of post partum difficulties like pain, stretch marks, itching, acidity etc. Nourish yourself and baby. Doubts regarding breast feeding , muscle sagging can all be prevented with on time care.

    This 9-day program consists of authentic Ayurvedic care for pregnant ladies, mother and baby. The knowledge which passed down to generations are worth learning, that too which were the only system of medicine the people were following. Go back to the roots and get a healthy and brilliant baby.

    1. Anatomy of reproductive system, physiology of the menstrual cycle.
    2. Infertility in male and female.
    3. Method of impregnantion, especially on special days of conception.
    4. Ayurvedic contraceptives.
    5. Signs of pregnancy.
    6. Pregnancy disease management.
    7. Labour.
    8. Post partum care – mother-baby.
    9. Breast milk—feeding
    10. New born and pediatric disorders remedies.

    Pregnancy massage, yoga in pregnancy, baby massage, yoga for children,  ayurvedic vaccination, food for pregnant and delivered ladies.

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