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    Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management

    Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management (ANDM)

    Course : Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management
    Course Name : Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Management (ANDM)
    Course Duration : 6 Days
    New Session : 01 July 2024
    Course Type : Online and Offline

    Food is considered as a medicine. If you take it in a proper way , you don’t want any medication further, body system can themselves heal the diseases. This course is all about Ayurveda regimen that you should follow and during your daily life, seasonal time and even at night. The complete guidance regarding routine, diet management as per common diseases , information regarding incompatible food, poisoned food and home remedies for general ailments so on.

    Before learning these things one have to know each varieties of food items like cereals, grains, milk, meat, fish, pulses, honey etc. While going through these items, you will accure the knowledge regarding the properties and actions of food items. Thus you can make diet plans for particular body type of a person or disease conditions.

    How to control our body and mind through food and regimen is discussed here. And most importantly the consumption of water – time, quantity, type of drink for several varieties of food and then ayurvedic purification of water.

    Do you have any idea about how much quantity should we eat and at what time should be the breakfast , lunch and dinner? These topics are well elaborated in this Kerala Ayurveda Nutrition course, which is the ideal course for a person who is wandering for a healthy diet and food regimen. Several recipes preparation depending on disease condition, season and body type. Rules of having such ideal diet, things which are edible in daily life and those can not be used in daily life. We ensure you the proper correction of the wrong diet which you may following unknowingly . Main attractions are the weight loss program, weight gaining program, and some products that you can develop with herbs for immunity, protein development and some supplementary recipes. This 7 days program is so wonderful that you can add up with your main courses.

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