beauty therapies

Mukha lepa (Facial)

Different types of facials using ayurveda herbal cleansing cream, scrub, mask, toner, moisturizers etc. Glow facial,Anti aging facial,Facial for sensitive skin,Fruit facial,Fairness facial,Galvanic facial

Peel off

Instant glow to the skin by doing ayurvedic peel off mask

Derma Suction – blackhead, whitehead remover

Using tools , we help you to take out yuck, black-white heads from your skin.

Pimple and Scar removal Treatment

Micro needling, special masks, facial treatments etc along with internal medications are available to remove pimples and scars.

Hair care Treatments

Protein treatment, Henna, Natural colouring ,Hair fall treatment, Split ends treatment, Anti greying treatment, Nourishing treatment, Thalapothichil(Covering scalp with herbal mask)

Pedicure and Manicure Treatments

A better care for your hand and foot.

Anti Pigmentation Treatment

Thermal Cauterization

Microneedling treatment