How – Ayurveda ?

Q: How – Ayurveda ?

Each human body is different, health conditions are also differ, then how Ayurveda works ? Here comes the major principles of this science. This consist of – Doshas (fundamental forces which balance physical & mental functions) , Dhatus (tissue elements) , Malas (wastes). These are different in each human body. Doshas may exist independently or combinely. Based on these properties Ayurveda formed ‘Deha Prakruti’ or ‘Body Constitution’.
So each individual who approaches Ayurveda undergoes a detailed study & finds out their own body type.
Then the diet, regimen, medicines or any detoxifying treatments that one should follow is only based on their body type. Then the result is amazing.
Thus – Ayurveda – is our ‘Life Science’.

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