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    Raise your immunity & Stay Safe

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    Raise your immunity & Stay Safe

    Raise your immunity & Stay Safe

    Are you scared of hearing the COVID 19 attacks, that are facing by nations now a days? And also people are searching how to survive these conditions, but they are confused by seeing different opinions of precautionary measures that are described in various sites. But all knows the only way is to raise your body immunity. So here we are helping you to erase your confusions and giving you simple life hacks that you can do by staying at home and improve your immunity.

    Immunity or resistance power is different for each individual, so the common measures taken by majority of people may not help everyone to survive the disease. Here we explains some Ayurvedic preventive measures, based on age group, body type so that you can choose the best options based on your body. Hence it helps you to get exact guidance that you can follow.

    Basic Daily Regimen for Prevention:
    Maintain individual hygiene and surroundings clean.
    Wash your hands for 20 sec with soap.
    Minimize your outside activities.
    Use face mask, gloves, sandals while going out.
    Take shower(in water boiled with basil/neem/turmeric/salt) immediately once you get back home.
    Fumigate your cloths and rooms with camphor, basil – neem leaves etc.
    Drink lot of water , either boiled with vetiver, basil, acasia catechu or citrus fruit juices.
    Avoid non – veg items to keep your digestion accurate.