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    Ayurvedic Treatment For Lower Back Pain Relief

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    Ayurvedic Treatment For Lower Back Pain  Relief

    Ayurvedic Treatment For Lower Back Pain Relief

    Have you come across people living with nagging back pain due to modern lifestyle, stress, not-so-great posture, or even past injuries as a constant companion in their life? Ayurveda has some pretty awesome ways to help such patients out.

    Now, let us see what Ayurveda says about lower back pain. Picture this: inside your body, there is this thing called Vata dosha – it is like the force controlling your movement and nervous system. When Vata gets out of balance due to various reasons, it can lead to lower back pain. Ayurveda’s goal is to get Vata back in balance and give your back muscles and nerves the strength they need. In the Ayurvedic courses at Lords Ayurveda, we teach our
    students to tackle this all-too-common issue in a way that is all about balancing the body’s energies and boosting overall well-being. Read ahead to get a quick idea of ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain relief.

    How does Ayurveda tackle lower back pain?

    Kativasthi. That is a special treatment that works like a superhero for back pain. If you are wondering how it is done – imagine you’re lying there, and the therapist creates a small ring using herbal dough right on your lower back. Into this, they pour warm, medicated Ayurvedic oils or ghee. Think of it like a warm, soothing bath for your muscles and joints. It is packed with herbs that seep deep into your skin, targeting the pain at its source. But here’s the best part: Kativasthi also pumps up the energy in your spine and back making those muscles andconnective tissues stronger. It’s like giving your back a new lease on life, lubricating those joints and making everything feel more flexible and less achy.

    Now, Ayurveda doesn’t stop there. It has got a couple more tricks up its sleeve with treatments like Pizhichil and Abhyanga. These are some spa-like treatments but come with a twist. It is nothing but herbal oils that make your back feel pain-free. These will also balance out the quirks in your body, nourishing and rejuvenating you from head to toe. It will make you feel like going for a mini-vacation, melting away stress, helping you sleep better, boosting your immune system, and keeping you healthy.

    So, in a nutshell, in the Ayurvedic course in Kerala, we will teach you more methods to deal
    with lower back pain

    Lifestyle Changes

    If you think that doing these treatments will keep away from further pain. Then let’s bring a small dose of reality – lifestyle adjustments are non-negotiable to keeping the lower back pain in check. Some of the lifestyle changes that we advise are:

    • Regular Exercise:Gentle exercises, like walking or yoga can strengthen the back muscles.
    • Proper Posture:Maintaining a good posture, especially when sitting and standing.
    • Stress Management: Practices like meditation and deep breathing can help manage stress, a common aggravator of back pain.
    • Adequate Rest: Ensuring sufficient sleep and rest is important for the healing process.