Causes :
★ Excess intake of heavy, oily, dry, hot, liquid, cold foods.
★ Diet containing food of opposite characters and indigestion.
★ Conception of toxic stale food.
★ Psychological factors like fear, grief.
★ Drinking polluted water and alcohol.
★ Irregular climate change.
★ Excessive drinking of water.

Symptoms :
❖ Stools are frothy, spreading, liquid, foul smelling, painful.
❖ stools are yellow, greenish blue, black, and hot.
❖ whitish, oily, heavy ,sticky stools
❖ Vomiting, fainting, fever, decreased digestive power

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Kutajarishta
Take 25ml twice daily after food.
➢ Vilwadi lehyam
1 teaspoon twice daily after food.
➢ Sanjeevani vati
One tablet twice daily with boiled water


There is swelling or increased size in any part of the body. it feels that something is accumulated there. then it is called as shotha.

Causes :
★ Excess eating of heavy, oily, cold or hot, spicy food.
★ Eating food of opposite qualities.
★ Walking for a long distance
★ Travelling in jerky vehicles
★ External causes like trauma or injury
★ Improper purification procedures

Symptoms :
❖ Pricking pain
❖ burning sensation, hot flushes
❖ heaviness of body
❖ stretching of skin
❖ visible veins on the body
❖ discoloration
Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Punarnavasavam
Take 25ml twice daily after food.
➢ Kottamchukkadi lepana choornam
Apply externally over swelling (except over inflammation)
➢ Chandraprabha gulika
One tablet twice daily with kashayam
➢ Gokshuradi guggulu
One tablet twice daily with hot water


Thirst is not satisfied even after drinking water continuously. There is a constant desire for drinking water.

Causes :
★ Due to excitement, fear, exertion, grief, anger
★ Excessive intake of alcohol, alkaline sour salty pungent hot and dry food intake.
★ Tissue depletion due to disease
Symptoms :
❖ Dryness of mouth, lips, tongue, or throat
❖ Weakness of voice, emaciation
❖ Darkness in front of Eyes
❖ Thirst remains and satisfied, loss of touch sensation
❖ Fainting, irrelevant speech
Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Vomiting by using honey and water
➢ Fruit juices and herbs like sariva, durva
➢ Herbs – Yastimadhu, pippali, amalaki etc.