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    Vata Vyadhi


    Intake of dry, cold insufficient, light, bitter, pungent, astringent food; excess sex indulgence, excess purification procedures, improper treatment, bloodletting, prolonged fasting, excess swimming, walking,exercise, worries, grief, emaciation; suppression of natural urges, production of aama, trauma, injury to vital organs, fall from height.

    Paksha Vata

    There is loss of function of either the left or right half of the body. The muscles and nerves of the half side of the body are affected by vata. This is called pakshaghata or hemiplegia.

    Symptoms :

    • The moment of the half affected side of the body is lost. There is pain and loss of speech. The laxity of the joint is produced in the affected part.According to the vata,pitta or kapha predominant,the disease will have the representative symptoms like pain , constipation;burning, fainting;headviness, cold,swelling.

    Ayurvedic Remedies :

    • Oleation, sudation followed by mild purifactory therapies(vamana & virechana), sneha vasti and kashaya vasti give at proper time,shirobasti, nasya etc – continued for 3 or 4 months.
    • Danwantharam kashayam/li>
    • Maharasnadi kashayam
    • Yogaraja guggulu


    Provocated vata gives pain to the face and therefore it is called Ardhita.

    Symptoms :

    • Early – tremors, flickering of facial muscles, reduced sensation over the face, pain;stiffness of neck and jaw.
    • Later – Affected half of the face becomes distorted.Sometimes the neck is also affected. The eye on the affected side becomes abnormal due to lack of moments of the eyelids .There is trembling of the head and loss of speech. The Saliva dribbles from the angle of the mouth on the affected side. There is pain in the neck, chin, and teeth. the tongue is deviated and the patient is not able to spit and smile.

    Ayurvedic Remedies :

    • Shirodhara, shirovasti, thala pothichil treatment.
    • Nasya/li>
    • Nadi kashayam, rasnadi kashayam


    Vata is vitiated which affects nerves from the lumbar region up to the heel and produces severe pain.Getting starts from the lumbar region and radiates downwards to thigh, knee, calf,ankle and foot. Affected leg becomes stiff and the patient is unable to make it straight. The patient walks like a vulture(gridhra) and hence the name is given.

    Symptoms :

    • There is Pressure on the sciatic nerve due to Bony lesion, tumor etc.Back pain radiates from above ,downwards, on the back side of the thigh and legs. Clinically the straight leg raising test is positive.

    Ayurvedic Remedies :

    • Rasna saptakam kashayam
    • Sahacharadi kashayam/li>
    • Yogaraja guggulu
    • Gandharvahasthadi kashayam


    Vitiated vata lodges in nerves, muscles, tendons of hands and legs which cause convulsions and atrophy of that part.

    Symptoms :

    • Convulsions come in attacks. In between attacks the patient is normal.

    Ayurvedic Remedies :

    • Dhanadanayanadi kashayam
    • Vettumaran gulika/li>