Sandhigata vata

Causes :
★ Due to vata provoking factors vata dosha is provoked. In old age there is predominant vata and diminution in bone density.The provoked vata gets logged in the joints and produces this disease.

Symptoms :
❖ On palpation the joints appear to be filled with air(vata). There is severe pain and swelling in the joints.
❖ The joints get deranged structurally and functionally producing deformity and stiffness.The movement of joints gets affected due to pain.

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Rasnerandadi kashayam
➢ Rasnadi kashayam
➢ Gandharvahasthadi kashayam

Vata rakta

There is a reaction between vitiated vata dosha and vitiated blood, hence it is called vata rakta.It is also called as khuda or khuda vata, because it occurs in the joint. There is a predominance of vata and it is also known as vata balas.
Causes :
★ Excess intake of salty, sour ,oily, hot food.
★ Spoiled flesh, dried vegetable, curd,, honey, legumes, buttermilk etc in excess
★ frequent excess eating, food of opposite qualities, day sleep for Sleepless Night.
★ psychological factors like anger etc
★ Astringent, pungent, bitter, dry food intake in excess.

Symptoms :
❖ Excess sweating or no sweating, blackish skin, loss of touch sensation,
❖ Pain in wounds, looseness of joint, pain in calf muscle,knee,thigh, lumbar region, lethargy, heaviness, numbness
❖ Rash, itching, frequent severe joint pain, discoloration of the skin.

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Amrutotharam kashayam
➢ Balaguloochyadi kashayam
➢ Application of Pinda taila
➢ Kokilaksha kashayam