Rhinitis – Pratishyaya

Rhinitis is an acute catarrhal inflammation of nasal mucosa causing redness, oedema and secretions.
Pratishyaya – The vitiated kapha dosha etc are moving towards vata i.e their tendency is to come out in the form of frequent sneezing. This is called Pratishyaya.

Causes :
★ Inhalation of smoke and dust and exposure to wind and dew.
★ Suppression of natural urges
★ Use of big pillow or sleeping without pillow
★ Excess crying
★ Excess of anger, indigestion, exposure of head to excess of heat.
★ Sleeping during day time, drinking water in excess

Symptoms :
❖ Feeling of heaviness in the head, headache
❖ Sneezing frequently
❖ Bodyache
❖ Horripilation or mild shivering
❖ Other symptoms like fever, loss of taste, smell etc.
❖ Change in voice

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Vasarishtam
20-30 ml twice daily after food
➢ Chukkum Pippalyadi tablet
One tablet twice daily with ginger juice
➢ Amruthotharam kashayam
15-20ml decoction with 45ml lukewarm water twice daily in empty stomach


The irritation and inflammation as well as obstruction in pharynx, larynx, trachea bronchi leads to cough. In this disease there is movement of vata in upward direction.

Causes :
★ External causes : Irritation of respiratory tract by smoke, dust etc. and entry of food into respiratory tract.
Vata causes : excess intake of dry food like gram, cold, astringent, pungent food articles and constipating substances.
★ Pitta causes : excess intake of substances like pepper, mustard etc which produce burning sensation and food articles of hot quality and salty, pungent tastes.
Kapha causes : excess intake of heavy quality substances which are difficult to digest e.g. black gram, pig flesh. Excessive intake of sweet and oily food articles.

Symptoms :
❖ Pain in chest and abdomen
❖ Dry cough with painful and loud bouts (whooping)
❖ Very scanty forceful expectoration after prolonged coughing
❖ Change in voice and weakness of voice.
❖ Yellow coloration to expectorated sputum and eyes,nails.
❖ Excessive thirst
❖ Headache, dizziness
❖ decreased digestive power
❖ horripilation aur mild shivering
❖ Profuse, sweet, oily and thick .

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Dasamoolakaduthrayam kashayam
Take 15ml decoction and mix with 45 ml lukewarm water and have it in an empty stomach twice daily.
➢ Agasthya rasayanam
1 tablespoon lickable, have it twice daily after food.
➢ Kanakasavam
Take 25ml twice daily after food.
➢ Talisapatradi churna
1 teaspoon choornam frequently or thrice daily with honey.


Affecting the prana vaha srotas , vata moves in upward direction as if air is blown out of a leather bag.

Causes :
★ Exposure to wind and dust
★ Consumption of dry hard and cold quality food articles
★ Frequent and excess intake of seafood
★ Consumption of curd and milk with heavy fat contents.
★ Consumption of oily, sticky ,heavy food.

Symptoms :
❖ Cough and rhinitis are common in the beginning.
❖ Snoring sound from the throat.
❖ Pharyngeal irritation and difficulty in talking.
❖ Patient looks serious and grievous.
❖ Expiration is prolonged and noisy.
❖ Breathing is irregular alternatively, fast and slow, stops in between.

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Nayopayam Kashayam
Take 15ml decoction and mix with 45 ml lukewarm water and have it in an empty stomach twice daily.
➢ Swasanandham gulika
One tablet twice daily with kashayam
➢ Karpooradi taila application
Apply over the chest and give sudation , helps to open the constriction and makes breathing easier.
➢ Gorochanadi gulika
One tablet twice daily with hot water
➢ Sitopaladi choornam
1 teaspoon choornam frequently or thrice daily with honey.