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    Muscular System

    Karshya (Emaciation)

    Causes :

    • Intake of ununctous(dry) diet and drinks
    • Fasting or intake of food in inadequate quantity(Pramitasanam)
    • Kriyatiyoga – Excess administration of panchakarmas
    • Shoka(grief)
    • “Vega Nidra Vinigraha” – Suppression of vegas(Natural urge) and sleep.
    • ‘Udvartana’ with dry material, repeated baths.
    • Hereditary factors.
    • Old age, prolonged illness and anger

    Symptoms :

    • Person has only bones and skin; muscle tissue depleted
    • He cannot tolerate the changes in weather
    • The joints are exposed and prominent
    • Loss of strength and capacity to work
    • As emaciated has low immunity, he frequently suffers from cough and cold,fever,piles, digestive insufficiency, enlargement of liver and spleen
    • As there is always vitiation of vata, naturally various diseases are prone to occur

    Ayurvedic Remedies :

    • Brhmana therapy. In an emaciation, light and nourishing diet like old sali rice should be given. Such a diet being light, serves as stimulants of digestive power and brings in nourishment.
    • Proper rest, relaxing oil massage, light exercise.
    • a lot of enjoyment without in stress and strain is very important
    • Shatavari, ashwagandha, musli, other jivaniya and brahmaniya group of drugs, according to individual needs, should be prescribed.
    • excessive sleep
    • excessive intake of curd
    • eating flesh of wild animals water dwelling animals and animals stay nearby water
    • eating food prepared from fresh grain
    • excess eating of jaggery or sugar

    Muscular System