The digestion of food and nourishment of the body does not take place properly. This is called as Agnimandya vyadhi.

Causes :
★ Improper diet
★ Irregularities in daily regimen
★ Fasting, overeating and intolerable food.
★ Weakness due to diseases.
★ Worries,anger, grief,sorrow.
★ Insomnia.

Symptoms :
❖ Indigestion even after very less food intake.
❖ Sometimes proper digestion and some time in digestion.
❖ Any amount of food taken, is digested completely. it is due to sharp quality of Agni.
❖ Loss of appetite, abdomen distension, belching, loose motions with foul smell, irregular micturation.
❖ Irritability and disturbed sleep.
❖ Bad breath.

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Hinguvachadi Gulika
One tablet twice daily with dry ginger boiled water

➢ Vaiswanara choornam
1 teaspoon choornam twice daily with buttermilk.

➢ Pippalyasavam
Take 25ml twice daily after food.


In Amla pitta the quantity of Pachaka Pitta is increased. it’s quality of the normal bitter taste is changed to a more sour taste as a result of fermentation. Because of this, the sore quality of Pitta it is called Amlapitta.

Causes :
★ Excessive intake of food and liquids which are of opposite qualities, fermented, preservated, contaminated, sour, pungent,hot, salty.
★ the prolonged use of analgesics and anti inflammatory drugs, habit of smoking and tobacco chewing, will also cause increase in sore quality of pitta.
★ mental stress and strain
★ suppression of natural urges
★ working in an atmosphere like- strong sunlight, near hot furnaces, near radiations and handling of chemicals.

Symptoms :
❖ Diarrhoea
❖ Excessive thirst.
❖ Burning sensation in the throat and chest.
❖ Fainting, giddiness, delusion.
❖ Nausea, reduced digestive power.
❖ Rash on the body and sweating.
❖ Horripilation
❖ Yellow coloration to skin, nails, eyes

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Indukantham kashayam
Take 15ml decoction and mix with 45 ml lukewarm water and have it in an empty stomach twice daily.

➢ Avipathi choornam
Take 1 teaspoon of powder have it twice daily with hot water.


The formation and growth of micro and macro organisms in the body is called as Krimi vyadhi.

Causes :
★ Indigestion.
★ overeating, eating and unwholesome contaminated Stale food and food articles of opposite qualities.
★ lack of exercise, day sleep
★ heavy oily cold diet
★ eating black gram, carbohydrates, curd, jaggery, rhizome of lotus, milk, leafy vegetables,sesame, seafood in excess.
★ Taking sweet, sour and liquid in excess.

Symptoms :
❖ Piercing pain in abdomen.
❖ Passage of stools with blood
❖ Fever
❖ Loss of taste
❖ Anaemia
❖ Pile
❖ Decreased digestive power

Ayurvedic Remedies :
➢ Use of herbal treatment : Ginger, garlic, tippali to promote digestion.
➢ Avoid milk, ,ilk products, sweet and cold substances.
➢ Preparations : Krimi kutara rasa, krimigna vati, krimisodhini vati
➢ Kumaryasava, Vidangarishta – Dosage will be according to age .