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    Adipose Tissue System


    Causes :

    • Sitting idle or lack of physical exercise
    • excessive sleep
    • excessive intake of curd
    • eating flesh of wild animals water dwelling animals and animals stay nearby water
    • eating food prepared from fresh grain
    • excess eating of jaggery or sugar

    Symptoms :

    • Stinginess of hair, sweetening of mouth, numbness and burning of hands and feet ,dryness of mouth,palate, throat excess thirst, dirty appearance of body ,stickiness on the body, burning sensation, numbness ants are attracted towards excreted urine, abnormalities in urine, bad odour to the body, heaviness ,oiliness, lethargy, breathlessness, excess growing of Nails and hair, excess sweating, dirty appearance of nails, teeth ,tongue, interest for cold things, excess sleep.
    • Normal quantity of urine excreted daily is described as for Anjali that is about one litre by Charaka. The main symptom in all the types of Prameha is increased quantity and change in colour of urine.

    Ayurvedic Remedies :

    • Katakakadiradi kashayam
    • Nisa katakadi kashayam
    • Mehari choornam
    • Niruryadi gulika

    Adipose Tissue System