Pregnant lady Care at home during Quarantine days.

  • During pregnancy period, the women should take sattvik diet consisting of old rice, green gram, wheat, fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh water, ghee and milk along with special regimen (month-wise dietery regimen for a pregnant lady – as per doctors advise based on each individual body type ).
  • Fever – Diarrhoea in pregnancy : Decoction prepared with Vetiver (ramacham), Sida cordifolia(kurunthotti), Dry ginger (chukku), Tinospora cordifolia (chittamruth) can be given.
  • Vomiting – Puffed rice boiled water along with sugar
  • Indigestion – Aswagantha(Withanium somnifera), Jeeraka(cumin), Tippali(long pepper), liquorice (eratti madhuram) – powder mixed with honey and can be given.
  • Milk decoction of Kurunthotti (Sida cordifolia) along with one danwantharam tablet helps to get normal delivery without complication also gives strength to body.


Treatment Details