Infant and Child Care.

  • Breast feeding is the best immunizer for infants. So mothers should follow a healthy diet.
  • If the baby is constipated, take 2 or 3 drops of castor oil and apply around the umbilicus and do clockwise massage.
  • If baby is having fever use Panikoorkka(Coleus amboinicus) leaves, make it juicy by keeping it over fire for few seconds and place it over the vertex of baby. Baby above 6 months can be given 5 drops of Panikoorkka leaves or Vasa leaves (Adathoda vasica) mixed with honey for fever and other respiratory diseases.
  • For fever you can use Gopichandanadi gulika grinded with breast milk or honey, for baby below 6 months.
  • Above 6 months, ayurvedic medicines like aravindasavam(for all pediatric issues, immunity), vasarishtam(respiratory,bleeding disorders)- 1 drop below 6 months 2 or 3 drops above 6 mnths, 5 drops above 1 yr, gopichandanadi gulika(cold,fever), rajanyadi choornam(indigestion)- mixed with honey can be given.
  • Water boiled with nalpamaram/ neem/ basil etc medicinal herbs can be used for baby wash.
  • Tie a piece of Vayambu (Vacha – Acorus calamus) over baby’s waist or leg to protect from germs, virus, bacteria etc.
  • Chyavanaprash for children helps to develop immunity .
  • Swarnaprash (ayurvedic vaccination) or Saraswatharishtam can be given to baby to develop immunity, intelligence, memory etc


Treatment Details