Diet & Regimen to be Followed

Diet  advised in Fever.

  • Cereals and millet – Rice and rice flakes
  • Pulses – Green gram dal (mung beans) and horse gram dal
  • Vegetables – Spinach, drumstick and brinjal
  • Fruits – Lime, pomegranate, grapes and papaya
  • Milk – Cow, goat and buffalo’s milk
  • When the symptoms of fever appear intake of light food or fasting is useful. In all types of chronic fever intake of ghee is beneficial.

Diet contradicted in Fever :

Excess intake of solid or liquid product, excess milk and milk product, alcohol, meat and poultry product should be avoided.

Diet advised in low digestive fire  :

  • Cereals and millet – rice, green gram
  • Vegetables : Snake gourd, spinach, cucumber and ladies finger
  • Fruits : Banana, watermelon, pomegranate, apple etc.

Diet contra indicated in Indigestion : Excess intake of heavy, oily foods.

Treatment Details